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First up this week was an article from Stanford Asst Strength and Conditioning Coach Devan McConnell called Beyond Dynamic. This article looks at some of the added benefit you can get from a dynamic warm-up. Next up is an article that found it’s way into a forum post so some of you may have already seen it. The Tao of Boyle originally appeared a little over a week ago on t-nation. It’s an interesting piece because Nate Green simply wrote my responses to a bunch of questions. I think our readers will find it entertaining.

Last up is My Top Coaching Influences a blog reader actually asked this question and I began to write a Top Ten list. The list of ten ended up at 14. I’ve already received some nice feedback on this one.

Video of the Week

This weeks video is another peek into an MBSC staff meeting. Kevin Larabee continues to film and edit some of our on-the-floor sessions. In this one we discuss teaching rollouts.

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Please let us know via the forum if there are things you want to see as you can see with Top Coaching Influences we are listening.

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