NSCA Update

Starting on May 1st we have our first chance to make a change in the NSCA. Most of you who read this blog know my recent experiences with the NSCA. Bob Alejo, current strength and conditioning coach for the Oakland A’s, is running for the NSCA Board of Directors. If you would like to see a coach on the board with real world experience than I urge you to vote for Bob. If you simply want to trust my judgement, please vote for Bob. Cast your vote. I have been told that some on the Board of Directors have been elected with as few as 250 votes. I have also been told that less than 2000 out of a possible 30,000 votes were cast in the last election for NSCA President. I realize now that being passive in the process shortchanges the members. We can and will begin to make a difference in the NSCA if you cast your votes.

2 Responses to “NSCA Update”

  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    I’ll check with Bob. Anyone know?

  2. How do i vote, i just got my CSCS last year and im not sure when/how to vote. I’ll figure it out though 🙂

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