More Squatting News- And It’s Research!

Below is a link to a great blog from Meaghan Shea. Guess I am no longer the lone heretic. Everyone says we don’t have research basis for our ideas. This is great. Even though the cart was a little ahead of the horse it’s still good news. I think after you read this my single leg theories will make even more sense. It’s important to note two things. One, to Brett Contreras’ dismay the study did not look at glute EMG. My guess is that glute EMG is higher in the single leg version. The other factor is that the higher hamstring activity shows a higher posterior chain load which is another positive.


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  1. […] where all this is coming from with the NSCA. Whether it be his views on the CSCS in the past or his views on squatting. Whatever the case an organization that has always been held in high regard is now just coming off […]

  2. mboyle1959 Says:

    If only it was that simple.

  3. I keep hearing all sorts about squating…it good it bad it good its bad. If you are worried about hurting yourself start pressing wild flowers instead of pressing large amounts of weight. To get big squat big! How much study does that need! Squating Rocks!!! As the famous advert says Just do it.
    Stay Well Stay Happy

  4. […] Boyle is back on his single leg squat pony and he makes some well-supported points.  In this brief article, he notes that glute activation is […]

  5. And here is where you can purchase the full study if desired:

  6. Here is the study citation (also listed in the post):

    McCurdy, K. ET al (2010) Comparison of Lower Extremity EMG Between the 2-Leg Squat and Modified Single-Leg Squat in Female Athletes. JSR. 19(1):

    If you copy and paste the study TITLE into the search at you’ll get the abstract, but most people will probably have to pay to view the full study.

  7. mboyle1959 Says:

    Meaghan- can you send me the actual study reference? A few readers have asked.


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