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Irritating Things About Facebook

Posted in Uncategorized on May 6, 2010 by mboyle1959

As I said a while ago, I really like Facebook. However, we now have what I call Facebook Spamming. In Facebook Spammimg people simply become your friend to try to sell you something. Theses are the folks who invite you every other day to become a fan of them, a fan of their site, their book, their bootcamp etc. I have to admit. I’m using Facebook for business but I’m trying not to be a Spammer. I have a tip for you. If your inbox is clogged with invitations from the same person over and over again. Go to Edit Friends on the top right corner. Type the persons name into the search and simply click remove. It will save you lots of deletions later. As I said before I love Facebook but we are in evolutionary stage and some folks see only the marketing value. I’m hoping to give as much as I get from Facebook.

PS- Not sure if I like profile pics taken shirtless. My initial thought was to not accept a friend request from anyone not wearing a shirt but, after a few weeks I realized my list of fitness friends would be small.