More Real Life AirDyne Intervals

Did 8 x .5 mi. again Give it a try.

1:26/ 1:20/ 1:20/ 1:19/ 1:20/ 1:20/ 1:24/ 1:22

Rest was 1 min after interval one and capped at 2 min. Recoveries 1-5 was to 110 BPM, after 6 and 7 it was only about 1:17 but we had capped the rest at 2 min.

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  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    That’s a good marriage.

  2. Tried this today with my wife on a roughly 1:1.5 work to rest ratio. Just enough time to change the seat height and muster up the fortitude to push hard for another interval. Nice little protocol. It will be in my rotation or sure. Thanks!

  3. P. J. Striet Says:

    I’ve been doing this once per week and really like it Mike. Here is another one I’ve been screwing with and it’s a real bear:

    :55 coast/:05 sprint (>85 rpm)
    :50 coast/:10 sprint
    :45 coast/:15 sprint
    :40 coast/:20 sprint
    :35 coast/:25 sprint
    :30 coast/:30 sprint
    :25 coast/:35 sprint
    :20 coast/:40 sprint
    :15 coast/:45 sprint
    :10 coast/:50 sprint
    :05 coast/:55 sprint

    This is a brutal little workout, especially if Rpm’s are kept 85 or above. The 2nd half, in particular, is almost unbearable. Give it a shot!

  4. mboyle1959 Says:

    Yes, approx.

  5. Why 110bpm? Is that 60% of your max?

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