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More NSCA CEU Ban News

Posted in Uncategorized on May 27, 2010 by mboyle1959

Our letter campaign is in full swing and I think we are making headway. Please take some time to go to the previous post and send your thoughts to the NSCA Board members. We can’t let the NSCA operate this way. We are holding up a mirror and the NSCA does not like it’s refection? I have also been in touch with two others who are in similar situations to me so this CEU denial is a coercion tool that the NSCA has previously had success with. As you may already know the NSCA has gone so far as to send letters to individuals telling them that I am no longer an approved CEU provider ( I’ll provide the letters in another post later this week  with the letter from the NSCA lawyer).  So, if you want to hear me speak it will have to be because you want to learn, not because you need NSCA CEU’s.  One of our readers suggested I now market myself as The Man the NSCA Doesn’t Want You to Hear.

What makes me laugh is that the NSCA thinks that this will have an economic effect on me. Sorry Mr. NSCA but I’m booking dates well into next year whether you provide CEU’s or not. Stop kidding yourself about the value of CEU’s. Good information is worth far more than CEU’s in our industry.

Just curious? Why do you think two different NSCA representatives asked me not to make my displeasure public? In my opinion I think the NSCA liked the anonymity of the pre-internet world. However everyone with a blog and some readers is now like a newspaper publisher. You can’t keep us quiet, particularly if we have an audience. I have a favor to request of you. If you have benefited from my work in any way, please take a minute to send a letter to the NSCA. A sample letter and email addresses are provided in the previous post below.   The NSCA reps told me they had heard from “a few” of you last time and really down played the number of complaints. Just to keep them honest, keep cc’ing me when you send it. I’ll keep track.