Another Great Move by the NSCA

I just got this email from my friend Pat Rigsby. The NSCA might be America’s most out of touch organization.

Read this from Pat:

“On August 28th I’ll be speaking at the Midwest Performance
Enhancement Seminar that my buddy Mike Robertson is

But I did get a bit of ‘bad news’ from Mike last week about the

He’d applied for .6 CECs from the NSCA for the event’s
6 presentations.

He got .5 CECs.

The NSCA told him they wouldn’t provide continuing education
credits for a business related presentation.


It doesn’t matter if your members can feed their families or
pay their bills…

…or maybe their NSCA renewal fees?

Maybe I’m being naive, but I don’t think that becoming a
better business person and becoming a better trainer or
coach should be mutually exclusive.

In fact, we’ve worked hard – and continue to work hard –
to develop ways for IYCA members to improve in both

Because being a good coach matters a lot less if you
don’t have any clients.

We’re holding our Bootcamp Bootcamp Weekend beginning
today and even though it is primarily a business event
we’re making certain to help people become better coaches
too – we’re covering everything from assessments to training
with bands and kettlebells.

Like I said – to have a successful career you probably need to learn

But since I don’t like ‘bad news’ I came up with a plan:

The day before the event I’m going to hold a
Fitness Business A-Z Workshop for all the attendees
that register by Mike’s early bird deadline.

I figure that if someone is the type of trainer or coach that
invests in their education and comes to an event like this –
then they’re the type of person I want to help.

So if you haven’t registered for the Midwest Performance
Enhancement Seminar yet – here’s the link:!/

This is not an affiliate link – just a recommendation for an
awesome event with presentations by Mike, Brian Grasso,
Brett Jones, Bill Hartman, Lee Taft… and me.

And a bonus Fitness Business A-Z Workshop that has cost over
$500 itself anytime I’ve done anything similar to it.

So hopefully I’ll see you in Indy August 28th for the Seminar
and also on the 27th for my A-Z Workshop.

Dedicated to your success ”



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  1. Kris Martinez Says:

    The same thing happened with the Cosgrove’s Business seminar: From Counting Reps to Counting Revenue. Apparently they’re okay with people “counting reps, but they’re not comfortable with counting revenue”.

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