Shocker- Winner Calls Biggest Loser UnHealthy

What’s next. Someone will report finding an honest politician? Maybe  a Unicorn?

Sorry to be so crass. As I a have said before The Biggest Loser is the worst thing that has ever happened to our industry. Here’s more evidence why

Biggest Loser “Winner” Comes Clean


10 Responses to “Shocker- Winner Calls Biggest Loser UnHealthy”

  1. PolyisTCOandbanned Says:

    I really was never hingry since I ate so many veggies. And stopping drinking alcohol was a great benefit in all ways (my workouts were better and never missed). don’t think I learned bad habits. Then again, I did not do BL. And even within NS, I was at the righ end of the bell curve on loss rate. Feel like I actually learned all kinds of healthy habits, things about food content, etc. And learned by DOIING, niot by stydying.

  2. PolyisTCOandbanned Says:

    I’ve never watched the show.

    I did diet down from 230 to 160 in 5 months. That is over 3#/week, over 1500 calories/day deficit (intake was 1750, but I was doing cardio 7 days a week, lifting 6, and walking and biking for transport. Really didn’t have any issues. I did get a little of the dry hair and even some hair falling out. I know it sounds awful, but honest any real strong calorie reduction program, you will get some portion of the population that gets some of that. Read the threads on NS, WW, JC, MF, etc. It grows back…

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