News from Automobile U- The Talent Code

For those who don’t know Automobile U is Zig Ziglars term for audio learning in the car. I’ve become a big audio book guy.

I have to admit I started to read Talent Code and didn’t like it. I think all the stuff in the beginning about “building myelin” is just BS. However, don’t let it stop you like it stopped me initially. All the “myelin” stuff aside, there are some great tips for coaches and for parents. I particularly liked the chapter on John Wooden’s methods. Listening to this vs. reading really changed this book for me.

I also loved the chapter on the KIPP program. I got lots of great ideas for myself and for my coaches. This quote alone made the book worth it.

Education is not the filling of a pail but, the lighting of a fire

WB Yeats

This is a great one to add to your library along with Talent is Overrated and Outliers.


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  1. Oh, awesome. More books. You are such a great source. Thanks.

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