Pay It Forward

I just got an email from a former intern thanking me for a favor I did.  The favor is not important but, the concept is. He mentioned that he hoped to be able to pay me back. I asked him to pay it forward. I know I have mentioned Pay it Forward in the past but, it is a policy I believe in. I always hope that the young coaches I help will continue the process and help other young coaches. In this way we can have an exponential growth in the number of quality coaches who realize that it is not what you get, but what you give to others.

Today I received a check for $2000 from one of my former athletes who has done well in the finance business. This brings our total this year to about $10,000. This is paying it forward.  I am so proud of my former athletes who give this way. I have clients who do the same. These guys pay forward by providing an opportunity to a young athlete that might not otherwise be available. Keep reminding yourself to pay it forward every day. One of the greatest feelings in the world is the act of anonymous giving.


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  1. Amen Coach!

    This one will be printed out and taped to the fridge and mirror in my apartment. A life lesson indeed that speaks deeply to many of us.

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