Free Range Eggs Not Safer?

This is another great “study” that was publicized in the media. Read this for a good laugh

“Scientists collected six free-range eggs and 12 regular eggs from farms and markets in Taiwan and analyzed the eggs for their content of dioxins. Taiwan, they note, is a heavily populated, industrialized island with many of the municipal incinerators that release PCDDs and PCDFs. They found that the free-range eggs contained 5.7 times higher levels of PCDDs and PCDFs than the regular eggs. The scientists suggest that the findings raise concern about the safety of eating free-range chicken eggs.”

The best part about this was that the headline I read said “Free range eggs not safer”. Why didn’t they gather the eggs at Three Mile Island or another safe place. Just another example of why you need to read the study specifics.


4 Responses to “Free Range Eggs Not Safer?”

  1. 6 and 12 for the N? I haven’t taken statistics in a while, but I don’t remember many studies of any relevance with sample sizes that small either.

  2. Mike,
    It would be funny if it wasn’t for the fact that many will take that as gospel.

  3. Nice one Mike. Sometimes I can’t tell if the media just takes anything they can find for a story because they need to fill the time or space, or if they take anything they can find because the writer/editor simply is stupid enough not to even think about questioning the material. Unfortunately a good percentage of people will believe something is true simply because it was in the news. I suspect the people who produce the news think the same way.


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