Functional Training or Safe Training?

I just watched the video from Mike Davis last blog post about what is functional training.
It got me thinking not about functional training but about safety. We stopped doing exercises like dumbbell bench presses on a ball when I realized that anti-burst balls can still burst. I have to admit I liked the additional challenge of using the ball but if if you know me you also know I am a big risk-benefit ratio guy. In this case, I just can’t justify the risk. Just try to imagine that ball failing with 300 lbs of unbalanced load?

The primary use for our stability balls now is our phase 1 rollout progression. I NEVER let anyone lift on a ball or stand on a ball anymore.


3 Responses to “Functional Training or Safe Training?”

  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    Working on it right now.

  2. Hey coach, will you be putting out a handicapping Perform better summit Long beach?

  3. Coach Boyle,

    I agree with you strongly on this point. The risk to benefit ratio does not add up in my mind. In reality what do we expect to gain from those positions that we cannot acquire through other means? If we’re looking to challenge core stability in one way or another, I’m not so sure the physioball is superior to a bench in a shoulder supported alternating or single arm DB bench press. Likewise, I see almost no benefit of standing on a physioball. Unstable surface proponent or not, we can create unstable surfaces that are not 65cm off the floor to achieve like ends.

    Carson Boddicker

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