Two More Great Reviews of Advances in Functional Training

If you think I am trying to get you to buy my book, guess what, you are right. This weekend at Perform Better Long beach I sold all of Gary Cook’s books before he even got in. Now it’s my turn. It’s not really about the money. I just want more people to read the book. I received two great reviews recently, one from Nick Tuminello of Performance U and one from Anthony Donskov of Donskov Strength and Conditioning. Both are frequent contributors and excellent coaches.

Nick said

“Any product Coach Michael Boyle produces, I immediately purchase. Why – because I know it’s going to provide nothing but the latest and greatest strength & conditioning techniques and concepts. Coach Boyles new book, Advances in Functional Training is no exception! If you’re looking for the safest most effective methods of using:

–       Self Joint Mobilization to increase joint mobility

–       Self Myofascial release to improve soft tissue quality

–       Muscle activation to build a better mind-to-muscle connection

–       Dynamic Warm Up to better prepare your body for optimal performance

–       Power training to increase explosiveness

–       Speed training to develop faster acceleration

–       Strength training to build superior strength and muscle

–       Rotary training to improve rotational force devolvement

–       Core training to improve torso stability while sparing the spine

–       Pre-habilitation training to prevent injury

–       Static stretching to enhance flexibility

–       Cardio/Conditioning to improve work capacity and outlast the competition

then this book, Advances in Functional Training gives you the mother load! Coach Boyle has literally written the book on Strength & Conditioning. He’s done all the research and trial and error so you don’t have to. All you have to do is plug and play!

The book, provides a multitude of:

–       Sample in-season training programs

–       Sample off-season training programs

–       Sample pre-season training programs

–       Sample fitness programs

Each of these programs is the exact, battle-tested workouts Coach Boyle use to improve the health and performance of his athletes. The value of this book by far out weights the cost. Get your copy of Advances in Functional Training before your competition does!”

Anthony goes on to say:

“Quality is never an accident: it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives. “  Advances in Functional Training is Coach Michael Boyle’s most recent book and a “must have “ resource for today’s strength and conditioning professional.  I have had the opportunity to read Coach Boyle’s book(s), view his entire DVD collection and attend his mentorship program in Boston.  I can say with 100 percent conviction that the quality of information and practical application gained from this material is unmatched anywhere in the fitness industry.  It is the wise choice of many alternatives.  Coach Boyle is not afraid of change; in fact he embraces it, blazing the path for young coaches to follow in his footsteps.  He is a pioneer in the field, always looking for better, safer, more effective training methods for his clients and athletes.  Advances in Functional Training is a culmination of these beliefs tapping into the mind of Coach Boyle’s methods, progressions and exercise prescription.  Through deliberate practice, twenty-five plus years of experience, and a resume of “who’s who” in the athletic world, Coach Boyle is the BEST resource for any young coach looking to become great.

I strongly recommend reading his entire collection of materials, starting with his first book Functional Training for Sports.  This will give the reader an opportunity to see the evolution of Coach Boyle’s methods, but more importantly will give the young coach confidence in realizing that the learning process is ever evolving.  What better way to learn than from a Coach who’s traveled a life long runway seeking perfection in his craft?  The investment far outweighs the cost.

I want to thank both of these guys for taking the time to write. If you are interested you can go to and pick up a copy.


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