More Real Life Intervals

I like to keep posting these AirDyne interval workouts. Today I did my interval work with two of my former players, Mike Grier, from the Buffalo Sabres and Dan Spang one of our former BU defensemen. We did:

3x 1 mi   2:28/ 2:28/ 2:27 with 1:30 rest

1x.5 1:12

This was done on the new small fan AirDynes. I didn’t have a heartrate monitor available but I am pretty good at “doing it by feel”. I would clearly not recommend this method but all the intervals were under a 1-1 rest to work ratio. I did one mile every 4 minutes so the workout took about 13:30.

My hockey group ran 3x 300 shuttle and 1 x150 shuttle at 25 yds. Even if this is not the best way to lose fat there is no doubt in my mind it is the best way to get in shape for sports.  These were done basically in one minute on, 2 minutes off so their conditioning workout took about 10 minutes.


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  1. I have moved to distance over time. If we ride a set distance those who don’t work hard work longer.

  2. PJ Striet Says:


    Thought you might like this airdyne workout…I’ve been doing this personally and with my clients:

    10:00 total workout

    All sprints are to be performed between 80-90 rpm

    :50 coast/:10 sprint
    :40 coast/:20 sprint
    :30 coast/:30 sprint
    :20 coast/:40 sprint
    :10 coast/:50 sprint
    *start again with the :50/:10 and repeat entire sequence

    This is flat out hard. Give it a shot, and, again, sprints have to be maintained at >80 rpm.

  3. AJP- sad to say my first interval is my warm-up.

  4. Mike,

    What was your warm-up?
    Do you warm up on the AirDyne?

    By the way, I have had my AirDyne since 1988.
    It is built like a tank.


  5. mboyle1959 Says:

    Yes, mi is mile. One mile in 2:28, rested for 1:30, went again.

  6. Great stuff Mike – my training group is doing 4x150m (at 25m) and 2x300m tonight. They have a love hate relationship with intervals – they hate doing them, but love how they are in so much better shape than their teammates when they start training camp.

  7. Does the Mi stand for Mile . So you did ! mile in 2:28 then rested then did another etc

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