The Ultimate in Texting Laziness

This is as random as random thoughts go. OK, I admit it. I text. Not texting in this day and age is like having a rotary phone. I do try not say that I “texted” someone. I don’t think that is a word.  Also I can’t text with my thumbs. I think that is age related. I also don’t text abbreviate. I don’t write cul8tr.

Recently I have realized the ultimate in texting laziness. It is the letter K. I text someone and they text back K. Are you kidding me? We had to shorten a two letter word down to one letter? Is it so hard to add the O? Please do me a favor. Text me the O. I would really appreciate the extra effort.


13 Responses to “The Ultimate in Texting Laziness”

  1. Zach Cooper Says:

    the way i see it, 80% of are results come from 20% of what we do (aka the Pareto Principle), and typing the “O” in “Ok” does not fall into that 20% and thus is unnecessary as far as im concerned

  2. Coach,

    Glad to know someone feels in a similar way. I personally feel like any communication via text message that I send should be passable if turned in as an English paper. My disdain for lazy writing and my refusal to respond to it led to the genesis of my mother’s ability to text with proper form. It’s not much more effort to punctuate and spell things correctly than it is having to toggle through letters to numbers and back again.

    Carson Boddicker

  3. Good topic! I wonder if we’ll become a thumbs exercising society?!

  4. Mike,
    And the logical extension of that is that we will also have vestigal limbs due to Darwin’s theory of use/disuse! 🙂

  5. mboyle1959 Says:

    Aaron- it is a little scary with kids. They wander around like morons, heads down, texting away. I think as we continue to evolve we may lose the ability to speak.

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