The Ultimate in Texting Laziness

This is as random as random thoughts go. OK, I admit it. I text. Not texting in this day and age is like having a rotary phone. I do try not say that I “texted” someone. I don’t think that is a word.  Also I can’t text with my thumbs. I think that is age related. I also don’t text abbreviate. I don’t write cul8tr.

Recently I have realized the ultimate in texting laziness. It is the letter K. I text someone and they text back K. Are you kidding me? We had to shorten a two letter word down to one letter? Is it so hard to add the O? Please do me a favor. Text me the O. I would really appreciate the extra effort.

13 Responses to “The Ultimate in Texting Laziness”

  1. Sam Leahey Says:

    OK, coach!

  2. Working in the school system I see it even worse with kids. They don’t just type like that, they talk like that too. They actually say “LOL” instead of laughing out loud!!!!

  3. Mike,
    Got a chuckle out of that one; some would say “texting” has led to the demise of the English language.

  4. Michael, I would love to issue you a text message should the need arise, however I do not have a texting unit.

  5. Everyone has pet peeves. I believe “c u l8tr” and “I have 2 go” and “I have something 4 u.” Is worse that “K”. I actually say “K” so it doesn’t seem as odd to me to type it. The others actually hinder readability in order to shorten text length. Sacrificing the function of form for a function of speed (negligible speed in my opinion as well) “K” Does not. When I read “K” I understand it as agreement or acknowledgment. Again, probably because I speak it as “K” it doesn’t effect me as much.

  6. A-OK!!!

  7. OK!

    I even gave you an exclamation mark. 🙂

  8. i couldn’t agree more!

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