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Don’t Blame Creatine

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The big story is that 19 players from McMinnville HS in Oregon were hospitalized with elevated levels of creatine kinase. The bigger story is that the folks in the media hear creatine and blame the supplement the players might have been taking.

No one blames the idiot Coach who had the players indoors in the wrestling room exercising in 115 degree heat. Must be the supplements. How about rhabdomyolysis? Guess what one of the primary symptoms is? Elevated levels of creatine kinase.

Maybe someone should ask the coach what went on in the wrestling room?

According to

“Rhabdomyolysis (RAB-DOE-MY-O-LIE-SIS) is the rapid destruction of skeletal muscle resulting in leakage into the urine of the muscle protein myoglobin.”

“Myoglobin is a protein component of the muscle cells that is released into the blood when the skeletal muscle is destroyed in rhabdomyolysis. Creatine kinase is an enzyme (a protein that facilitates chemical reactions in the body) also in the muscle cells. The level of each of these proteins can be measured in blood to monitor the degree of muscle injury from rhabdomyolysis.” Myoglobin can also be measured in samples of urine.”

It is amazing how quick we are to blame a supplement that actually has a pretty good track record for safety. Writers need to do a little research before “reporting”.


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Usually I start this off by saying I’m beginning to catch up from the  weekend. Actually I am now officially a week behind. The three articles and the video listed below were actually published two weeks ago. I’ll get another update out in a day or two. Family vacation takes a toll on me. Below are the articles for August 9-16th

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