Dan John Was Right About Goblet Squats

Goblet squats work. I have seen Dan John mention Goblet Squats in print several times, most recently in his wonderful book Never Let Go. I need to mention to Dan that any time he writes about Goblet Squats he needs to include a picture or a video.    To be honest from reading I never really understood what he meant. Now I know and, we have tried them. They are like a miracle exercise. I can only say TRY THEM! The goblet position is now our preferred method of loading for all beginners at MBSC. If we are going to load someone we are goiong to use the goblet position first. The upper body and the core muscle are forced to work to hold posture in a way that is not experienced in any other exercise.  Think loading will be a problem? Take a look at this Rear Foot Elevated Goblet Squat


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  2. mboyle1959 Says:

    The key is where you hold the load. The Goblet position ( on the chest) really changes things, especially for beginners.

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