The Wisdom of Alwyn Cosgrove

I was listening to Alwyn Cosgrove on a recent episode of the Strength Coach Podcast ( I think it was Episode 62) on the subject of staff training. Alwyn was responding to an inquiry from another trainer / business owner about all the money he spends on staff training. The trainer said, “what if I spend all this money on my trainers and then they leave?” This seemed like a valid question until Alwyn response was “what if you don’t spend any money and they stay?”

Sometimes Alwyn can make it so simple. Invest in yourself and invest in your staff.  There are very few smart investments that don’t give you a return over time.


2 Responses to “The Wisdom of Alwyn Cosgrove”

  1. Lee Remick Says:

    I think that if you have a rigorous screening process for potential employees, then you’ll rarely find people leaving you high and dry. Certainly people may move on if ready to branch out on their own, but they will still be advocates for your business and part of your professional network.

    Compare this to hiring just “anyone,” where there is a very real risk you’ll be briefly saddled with the sort of person who doesn;t value loyalty and fully intends to be “passing through” on his way to whatever is next. This type of employee tends to exit abruptly and on a sour note, leaving bridges burning in his wake and no professional relationship, courtesy, and give and take to be salvaged.

  2. Very true. Just the inspiration we need.
    Thanks Mike and Alwyn!

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