Robb Rogers Fired by the NSCA

The following is from Robb’s Facebook page.

“After 18 months at the NSCA, I was fired on Friday morning. The reason cited was my goals and ideals do not align with the new direction of the organization. Hmmm. Contact me @ I was not alone and some replacements are already moving here -?! Wow!”

For those that don’t know Robb he is a great guy and a well respected coach. I’m sure I’m not going to like “new direction of the organization”.


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  1. Quentin Higgins Says:

    I can only imagine what the new direction of where the NSCA wants to head into. I would personally like to know the backgrounds of the new strength coaches that they are bringing in to the program.

  2. mboyle1959 Says:

    Look at the CSCCA if you are in the college community.

  3. I’ve met Robb several times and I think he is one of the most personable coaches in the field. He and Coach Boyle changed my way of thinking on glute activation and hip mobility. That alone make me be a more effective coach. If the NSCA is going down hill, what certification should strength and conditioning professionals seek? I feel a college education should be a minimum requirement but what about those of us who need a reputable certification for employment?

  4. I have met Robb on a few different occasions and he has always provided great information. I have been very impressed with his work and know first hand he was doing great thing s with the NSAC-TSAC. It scares me to think they let him go because of his vision and goals……even worse, what the hell are the vision and goals of the NSCA?

  5. Max Prokopy Says:

    This is terrible news. Robb brought out some of the best practical coaching I’ve seen in three Perform Better Summits. He’s on point, organized, experienced, personable, and has “been there, done that.” Another tragic decision by the NSCA….

  6. I think there will be a new association soon. People are tired of the censorship and politics.

  7. Not sure what is going on with the NSCA these days. Very disappointing. Obviously education is not their prime directive anymore. Isn’t science supposed to keep an open mind? Isn’t education about learning from others – all others regardless of your own personal views? I may have to rethink my membership in such an organization?

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