The Stupidest Thing I’ve Ever Seen- Con’t member Bob Taylor was nice enough to one up me:

“18 year old Jeffrey Cook of Elkart, IN was texting while riding his bike, drifted into traffic and was struck by a car”

Kids look like stupid zombies as they walk and text. Language is in danger of dying.


6 Responses to “The Stupidest Thing I’ve Ever Seen- Con’t”

  1. On the stupid list, this is right up there with the High Heel-a-thon:

  2. Sue that for what? Poor light pole placement? Perhaps we now need “watch your step” signs painted on the pavement.

  3. One of my volleyball players was texting and walking.

    She smashed headfirst into a light pole and was hospitalized.

    The parents want to sue the owners of the parking lot.

    * sigh *

  4. I watched an older gentlemen the other day walking and reading a newspaper.

  5. On my way to a job for work today, some lady was driving a bit erratically, then slowing down, etc. So we pulled up beside her to see what the problem was, and she had a notebook open flat on the steering wheel writing a report of sorts. 20 seconds later she pulled up to us (pretty heavy traffic) and gave us a dirty look like we were the assholes. Ha!

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