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I’m so far behind it’s not even funny. The good thing is that even though I haven’t blogged about for almost two weeks we do have lots of stuff up and the site is really busy.

First up for September 6th through 9th was: Interval Training Questions This article actually came out of some questions a reader sent. My philosophy is that rather than write an answer for one person I can write what that lots of people can read.

Next up was My Review of the Titleist TPI Level 1 conference: A newbie’s perspective . This is another piece from Ben Bruno that describes his experience as relative newcomer to the field at a TPI conference.

Last one for the week of  September 6th through 9th was:  The Dirty Thirty . This actually came out of Duane Carlisle’s Total Football Training nutrition section and was written by James Harris. It’s just a great simple list of stuff to avoid that is great for high school and college kids as well as adult clients

The next week we started with  Around the ball. Dutch soccer conditioning! This was an article that really started a great forum thread. Soccer really brings out the international flavor of the site.

Also up last week was:  Directional Load Vectors: A New Paradigm for Describing Movement . This is the latest from Brett Contreras. Brett is really doing a great job of making people think and perhaps re-think some concepts. I would put this one in the “must read” category.

The last article up was: MMA for Football? I wrote this one at the request of some NFL coaches. There is a big trend in the NFl towards using MMA training in the off-season. Give this a read and see if you think it is a good idea. I also posted this one a s separate blog post and sent it out to some friends to use as a guest blog.

Make sure you download the latest issue of the StrengthCoach Podcast. If you are not downloading and listening to these you are missing out on the best free resource in the field. :Cressey, Boyle and Cosgrove- Episode 64- Strength Coach Podcast

Videos of the Weeks for the past two weeks are: Video of the Week – Partner Negative Glute Ham . This was another idea from the forum. I really like being able to post videos in response to questions.

The second video was: Video of the Week: Shoulder Saver – Handcuffs . This was another contribution from Anthony Donskov.

Make sure you take some time to get on the site, read, listen, watch and download.


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  2. You’re catching up great, Mike. Will check out the links afterwards. Thanks for the updates.

    Rick Kaselj

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