More NSCA Madness

Think the NSCA has turned into a Banana Republic? It now appears that someone’s job at the NSCA is to remove all mention of Mike Boyle from NSCA publications. Kind of reminds me of Stalin. I know you are probably trying to figure out what I’m talking about. Check out this quote

“Going forward, if you’d like to run the plyobox ad again, it will be necessary to remove Mike Boyle’s quote.”

This was from an official email sent by the NSCA to Perform Better’s advertising agency. Perform Better is now being told that their ad content is being rejected if it mentions me or has quotes from me. In other words the NSCA is now turning down revenue to win the war of words against Michael Boyle. Someone needs to tell them that I don’t get  paid for those ads. I wonder what they will do if someone uses me as a referenece in a journal article. Will my lack of science cause them to reject the article?


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  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    Andrew- thanks for the support. I wish these people would take some time to look at the facts.

  2. Here is a good one for you Mike.
    Last week I had an interview with a potential trainer that is NSCA certified. He asked about continuing education I would like to see from my trainers and I mentioned you, Verstegen, Cosgrove, & Cook. He replied he wasn’t sure about you since he has read some things with NSCA about you.

    I replied, if you have the same idiotic mentality as NSCA and feel the same way we certainly will not be a fit. So I sent him on his way letting him know that as a trainer he needs to be an independent thinker and if nothing else, this is what Mike Boyle stands for and teaches.

    Another reason I only hire trainers with NASM certification and a ton of continued education. Their continued education choices tell me what type of trainer they are and how they desire to train.

    NSCA is alienating their own followers now!

  3. Quentin Higgins Says:

    Well the best way to respond to this without really speaking my mind is just to plainly say that I have almost lost all respect for the NSCA. At almost every professional level, both my CSCS and NSCA-CPT certs have lost most of their face value when viewed upon coaches that actually know whats up. What happened? oh yea, the NSCA became partners with perform better and started giving each other………………………………….

  4. Typical. They expect everyone to follow them blindly.

  5. Thought it interesting to note that the NSCA Twitter has 600 odd followers, but NSCA ain’t following nobody.

    It must be nice when you know everything….

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