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With the start of hockey season upon us, we have added a ton of
great new content at, including 2 audio
interviews with NHL Strength Coaches Mike Potenza (Sharks) and
Sean Skahan (Ducks).

Mike and Sean go over what is happening at camp right now for
their respective teams. We will continue to check in with them
and other NHL and college strength coaches all season.

Also added recently:

Article- “Goaltender Specific Movement Training- The Drop Step”
Devan McConnell

Article- “MMA for Hockey Players?”
Michael Boyle

Article- “Treatment and Prevention of Sports Hernia”
Ron J. Higuera

Article- “Friesen Physio-Fitness Summit Recap”
Kevin Neeld

Program- “Late Off-Season (early August) Workout”
Maria Mountain

Program- “Lower Back Re-Conditioning Phase 2”
Sean Skahan

Video- “Multi-planar Hip Mobility and Activation Exercises”
Kevin Neeld

Also, thanks to everyone for some great content on the forum, we
have some really good discussions.
Check it out at


Michael Boyle,  Sean Skahan , Mike Potenza and Kevin Neeld


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