Iceland Seminar Recap

I just came back from one of the most enjoyable seminar experiences of my career. Iceland is one of the worlds most naturally beautiful places I have ever seen and the people are as nice as scenery. I was lucky enough to be able to present with Dave Jack and Chris Mohr and at the same time enjoy an amazing vacation. I just posted a bunch of pictures to Facebook from the Blue Lagoon, a place you need to experience to believe, and from a trip our hosts set up around Iceland via private plane.

Special thanks to Gunnhildur, Helgi and Brynar for treating us more like family members than like speakers.

Dave, Chris and I Preflight

Cindy and I at the Blue Lagoon

A View from the Plane

If you want to see more pictures I just posted them to Facebook. If we aren’t “friends” yet send a request with the note. “Iceland pictures”.


6 Responses to “Iceland Seminar Recap”

  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    Yes she is.

  2. I have been having a blast reading your blog. I remember seeing these on Facebook. Iceland looks unbelievably beautiful, and you look like you all had a blast. Your wife is gorgeous, by the way. 🙂

  3. I did Joint by Joint Approach to Warm up and Joint by Joint Exercise Progressions.

  4. What were the presentations about?

  5. It’s the Cowardly Lion.

  6. Ray McCarthy Says:


    Who the heck is the good looking guy without a shirt on.
    Have I seen him on GQ Magazine as well?

    Sounds like a great place,
    Ray Mccarthy

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