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Last week on

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I really thought I would get a handle on these updates after the summer ended but it’s Friday again and here I am writing about last week.

First up last week was Teaching Olympic Lifts by Josh Bonhotal. Josh is a the Assistant Strength Coach for the Chicago Bulls and another former MBSC intern. This article details how Josh teaches the olympic lifts. I’ll note that this is not how we teach them at MBSC. We are whole method teachers and actually choose to teach the complexes at the end of a session rather than at the beginning. I think it is really important to highlight contrasting styles on the site.

Next up was The Beginning of My Experience as an Intern at MBSC by Ben Bruno. Ben is a young guy who has just begun his internship and provides a great perspective. These types of articles allow some of our younger site members to get a nice view of the process.

The third article for the week was Work the Great Equalizer in Strength and Conditioning by Anthony Donskov. Anthony is a site member who has really begun to provide some quality content and this piece is another in a series of great contributions. Don’t let the title fool you. Anthony is talking about acceptable range of motion. This is a must-read article.

Video of the Week is a TRX Prone Reach and comes from Dewey Neilson. Make sure to check out Dewey’s shirt in the video.

Also, Anthony has Episode 63 of the StrengthCoach Podcast up. I know I mentioned it before but, take the time to download it and listen to Dave Tenney.

If you haven’t been on the site in a week, make sure to log on, read and listen.


New Webinars at Strength and Conditioning Webinars

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I just wanted to let you guys know that Anthony Renna has posted a bunch of new webinars at Strength and Conditioning Webinars. He has new ones with Gray Cook and Nick Winkelman. Gray’s newest one is Why Screen? Why Not Just Good Programmin? I listened to Gray talk about this on the Strength Coach Podcast and he might just have me convinced. I’m going to talk to my staff today about performing the FMS on all our athletes.

Nick’s is Mixed Methods of Power Development and is the same presentation he did at the perform Better Summit. If you haven’t taken a look at Strength and Conditioning Webinars I strongly recommend you. This is a great site if you are too busy to attend seminars or, if you currently lack the funding.

Robb Rogers Fired by the NSCA

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The following is from Robb’s Facebook page.

“After 18 months at the NSCA, I was fired on Friday morning. The reason cited was my goals and ideals do not align with the new direction of the organization. Hmmm. Contact me @ I was not alone and some replacements are already moving here -?! Wow!”

For those that don’t know Robb he is a great guy and a well respected coach. I’m sure I’m not going to like “new direction of the organization”.

Great Thoughts on Conditioning

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I had a nice breakfast yesterday with the Seattle Sounder’s Strength and Conditioning Coach David Tenney. David was actually Anthony’s guest on Episode63 .

To be honest, I don’t take/ make enough time to network like this. Luckily, I had a two hour block of time so I drove down to Foxboro where the team was staying to talk a little shop. I encouraged Dave to get some of the great thoughts that he shared on the podcast and on the forums down on paper. I think Dave has a great grasp on the whole “energy system development” concept that comes up so frequently on

The Wisdom of Alwyn Cosgrove

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I was listening to Alwyn Cosgrove on a recent episode of the Strength Coach Podcast ( I think it was Episode 62) on the subject of staff training. Alwyn was responding to an inquiry from another trainer / business owner about all the money he spends on staff training. The trainer said, “what if I spend all this money on my trainers and then they leave?” This seemed like a valid question until Alwyn response was “what if you don’t spend any money and they stay?”

Sometimes Alwyn can make it so simple. Invest in yourself and invest in your staff.  There are very few smart investments that don’t give you a return over time.

This Week on

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Over the last month I have fallen hopelessly behind in my updates but, the site has continued to roll along. In fact, the forum posts and number of people logging on and using the site is at an all time high. Because I am a week behind I will try to catch you up on everything today. Please be sure to log on and check all this info out.

The first article up from the week of  August 16th was: Our “A.C.L.” Problem in Womens’ Sports this was another piece from Brett Klika of Fitness Quest 10.

Next up was:Perform Better, Long Beach, 2010 this was Laree Drapers review of her experience at the Perform Better Summit for those of you who are unfamiliar with Laree, she has spent the last year editing Never Let Go from Dan John, Movement by Gray Cook and my newest book Advances in Functional Training

Next up was : Episode 62- Strength Coach Podcast this was a great episode with an interview with Charlie Weingroff. The more I read and listen to Charlie’s stuff, the more impressed I am. The podcasts are free even if you are not a site member so, don’t miss Charlie’s discussion of shoulder rehab.

Video of the week : Video of the Week – RFE Split Squat Jump although we have had a bunch of video of this particular exercise this video is a great one to show proper movement under load.

The next series of articles was for the week of August 23rd through the 27th and will bring us up to this week.

The TRX Big Five was an article I wrote for the folks at TRX to be used in some advertising campaigns. Anthony and I just discussed the article on Episode 63 of the Strength Coach Podcast. The article simply shows what we at MBSC consider to be the best 5 TRX exercises we use.

Next up was Lessons on Leadership  from the Pros by Kevin Kneeld. Kevin actually wrote this for our sister site but, I liked it so much we used it on both sites. The article describes Kevin’s experiences working with NHL strength and conditioning coaches and the lessons he learned.

Video of the Week was a Double Kettlebell Swing . This was a great example of how we are getting some of our stronger athletes to continue to be able to swing once we get past our 32K kettlebell. This caused a little bit of forum activity but, remember, we aren’t kettlebell people, we just use kettlebells.

The long list of articles continues with Never a Line at the Free Weights by Bruce Kelly. Bruce has become a frequent contributor who just writes about what he sees and does in a really enjoyable way. This article is what I would call “typical Bruce” observing the human condition. I think I like Bruce’s stuff because he is my age and sees things through a similar lens.

As you can see, we overdelivered the past few weeks. In addition to everything above Anthony was nice enough to get Charlie Weingroff to put some of his thoughts from the podcast in writing. Anthony simply posted it as Follow Up to Podcast Episode 62- Post Shoulder Rehab.

In the spirit of overdelivery we also posted Alwyn Cosgrove’s Hierarchy of Fat Loss. I frequently refer to this article and realized that it was not on the site. Alwyn was kind enough to provide it. If you deal with fat loss clients, read this article and then read it again. In my mind it is the best , most common sense, article on the subject.

The last article we posted last week was another I wrote called Conditioning Under-reaction/ Overreaction. This ties in nicely with a recent froum post and also with Episode 63 of the Strength Coach Podcast with Coach David Tenney. Rather than write a long forum response I have taken to writing articles in some cases. This one deal with the idea that we may need more aerobic training. I know that will make many of you curious.

Finally we posted Shuffle to Crossover as video of the week. This clip shows how we integrate our shuffle action with our crossover mechanics into one drill. Just do me a favor. Make sure your athletes have mastered both shuffle and crosover before you do this one.

In addition, we added a conference announcement for Vertical Core with Todd Wright and crew. This one is Sept 9-11th. To register call Max at 512-794-2800.

I know this is a lot so, if you haven’t been on the site recently, make sure you log in and read today.