MBSC Mentorship Review

Our next mentorship group is December 6-9. If you are considering our mentorship take a minute and read Mark’s review below. Mark was part of our last group in September.

“The MBSC Mentorship was nothing short of awesome! While I am usually not the first to give overwhelming praise, in this case it is more than warranted. Mike and his staff open the facility for you to see how it works, the methods behind the training, the opportunity to participate in the workouts, and unlimited access to the staff, those who have been there for years, and those who are just getting started. The morning portion is invaluable, as you can discuss your most challenging issues, and Mike listens intensely and speaks passionately in his responses. Unlike some other mentorship programs out there, you actually get tospend time with the owner and the mind behind the training methods, and in this regard, Mike is one of the most humble individuals I have ever met. If you are a strength coach who truly wants to make an impact in your region, and the industry, you will not find a more rewarding and educational experience than Mike Boyle’s Mentorship program. I have so many ideas and took so many notes from the program that I am completely rewriting my business plan going forward, and implementing a number of Mike’s warmup and training methods. Thank you, Mike and the rest of the staff, for such an opportunity. “

Mark Mogavero, CSCS

Owner, Dynamic Personal Training


2 Responses to “MBSC Mentorship Review”

  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    Hope you can make it. It is a great experience that is even better in the new facility.

  2. I’ll be there in the next time. I hope so. It’s far from my country (Brasil).
    But it’s worth.
    See you in the next time Mike.

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