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In the marketing world the idea of “done for you” is a great selling point. Three months ago we set out to put together a “done for you” program that would give a coach or personal trainer access to everything we do at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning. You might ask yourself “why would Mike do that?” Well. The answer is simple. I love teaching and helping people. I also know that Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning will never be a big national company. I’m just too old to go the whole franchise route. I’m also not afraid that you will steal all my ideas and put me out of business. I think our business is pretty well established. So, we ( myself, my partner Bob Hanson, and Kevin Larabee of Fitcast fame) came up with the idea of Body By Boyle OnLine. Body By Boyle OnLine is a service that gives you access to everything we do and, yes we mean everything. Kevin has used a system called XPS Trainer developed in Iceland to upload every program we currently have to Body By Boyle On-line. Kevin has shot hours of HD video to illustrate every exercise. In addition, he has interviews, staff meeting clips and tons of other stuff.

The best part? This is an ongoing system. This will not be something you pay thousands of dollars for a one time purchase. Instead, we are making this available for a monthly fee. This is the closest thing to a Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning franchise that you will ever see.

How will and BodybyBoyle Online differ?

StrengthCoach and Body by Boyle online are totally different. Strengthcoach is collection of writers and opinions. I deliberately present a somewhat broader view with lots of contributors. Body by Boyle Online is directly aimed at the trainer or business owner who wants info that will impact there business immediately.  The information is what was formerly proprietary info from Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning. Body By Boyle Online is like being a virtual franchisee. The two sites have very different aims. With Strengthcoach we take the approach that we want coaches to read, learn and think. With Body By Boyle Online, we are simply giving away access to information. We realize there are clients for both services. StrengthCoach is $10 a month, Body By Boyle OnLine is $59. The Body By Boyle Online service has three big targets.

1-    Facility owners and operators

2-    Self employed personal trainers or coaches

3-   Athletes looking for personal training quality programs without the personal training price

Do yourself a favor. Click the link and take a look



5 Responses to “Body By Boyle Online”

  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    Thanks Daniel. All the feedback has been great. Kevin Larabee has done an amazing job of organizing the content.

  2. So happy that I joined Body By Boyle Online. Mike you are always over delivering. Thanks for the opportunity to improve not only my training but also improve the service that I am able to offer my clients. They are so happy…. 🙂

    BTW for anyone wanting to join BodybyBoyleOnline this site
    is offering a Free Gymboss Interval Timer as a bonus for ordering through them. They must be an affilliate.

  3. mboyle1959 Says:

    Brady- you can always give it a try. You can always cancel. It is a pretty cool resource.

  4. Brady Sanders Says:

    Coach Boyle,

    I jave come to recognize that anything you stamp your name on will be of the highest quality and teeming with value. Based upon your “three big targets,” I was still curious as to how to approach this new resource. I fall under categories 1 and 2 of the big 3, but between,, Charles Poliquin’s Coaching Community, 2 different research review services, and the avalanche of free resources that I consult on a near daily basis, I feel like I am already starting to overload myself, as crazy as that might sound. Continuing education is wonderful, but I am starting to wonder if I get so focused on learning more, more, more (while still trying to be as discerning as possible about who and where I choose to learn from) that I forget to take a breather, de-stress, and stop to smell the proverbial roses.

    Naturally the Body by Boyle Online resource piqued my interest, but I am still wondering if this is right for my present situation. In my mind, I either picture myself paying for it and never full maximizing its utility because I would still be spreading myself too thinly via all those other resources, or I would end up getting tunnel vision and focusing in solely on this new resource. While any coach would do well to pattern himself after your approach, my hesitancy here stems from developing a reactive mindset and stifling my own coaching voice on account of deferring to the MBSC system most of the time. I suppose the truly enlightened coach would pony up, relish the many gems to be gleaned from this resource even if used more in part than in whole, and not look back or think twice. But for whatever reason, my mindset causes me to want to read, watch, and listen to anything I think has even remote value to what I do, so I can see my head wanting to explode if I add yet another amazing information-dense resource to the mix.

    This was all a very circumspect way of asking if this resource would still be a good fit for someone keen on learning from others but crafting his own approach , or if it is more for those who, while interested in helping folks, would prefer to “plug, play, and get on with it,” so to speak. I hate to reduce this resource like that, as I would imagine there’s something for everyone, as there always seems to be with your material, but as someone who feels stuck between contentment being a willing line cook and a desire to continue climbing the ladder to master chef, I feel torn on this latest resource. Most would say that I need to look at this as yet another wise investment and stop sitting on the fence, but I already spend so much on assorted resources (books, dvd’s, courses, online services, etc.) that I feel like my wife is going to want to send me to rehab!

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