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It’s Wednesday so I am almost up to date. We have posted three articles and a video last week.

First up was some info on our new Body by Boyle On-Line program. Take a minute to look this over. I really think this can improve your business and help you make more money

Next up was: :Improving Foot Speed and Agility . I sent this out to a bunch of friends to post on their blogs so you may have already seen it.

Last up was:  Conclusions Drawn From A Comparative Study of the Feet of Barefooted and Shoe-Wearing Peoples

This one falls in the “must read” category. The article was written in 1905 but echoes many of our recent ideas about barefoot training and shoes. Sometimes we are so smart it only 105 years to get it right.

Video of the week: Comes from Tim Vagen by way of Devan McConnell This is another look at thoracic mobility. I like the new three inch diameter twelve inch long foam rollers that Perform Better is selling better than the noodles as they are more dense but I love the idea of the smaller diameter roller.

If you haven’t been on the site this week, make sure you log on and check out another excellent week of articles.

Also make sure you check out the StrengthCoach Podcast Anthony interviewed  Tim Skwiat about Train for the Games Vertical Core Concept.

The Vertical Core with Tim Skwiat- Episode 65

Also, make sure to check out Strength and Conditioning Webinars. I just finished a webinar on Power Development for Golf this morning.



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  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    Thanks Adam. I do think the ladder gets a bad name because of a few prominent detractors.

  2. Adam Trypas Says:

    in rugby that is…..

  3. Adam Trypas Says:

    Hey Mike,

    Just adding to your benefits of the ladder, I have found that when we do a “speed” warm-up utilising ladders and mini-hurdles as part of the general field warm-up the skills coaches always comment that the players hand to eye coordination and general catching and passing speed and timing is always at a much better level straight after coming off the ladders and hurdles…..could be another little neural benefit.


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