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My usual apologies for the late updates but, better late than never. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

First up last week was Implementing the FMS in a Team Setting-Another Example This was another look by Bruce Kelly at a problem that has been discussed at great length on the forums.

Next up was  Should We Train at 30% of 1RM to Maximize Power Production?
 . This piece was actually a blog post that Brett Contreras wrote based on some forum dialogue. As usual Brett does a great job of analyzing the available info for us.

Also up was: : My Single Leg Experiment, Step by Step This is a great article from Ben Bruno. Ben is an MBSC intern and may the strongest person pound for pound I have ever seen. We featured a bunch of videos of Ben’s freakish strength in the past few months and this article has a few more. Ben is a great writer and has quickly become a great site contributor.

Last up was:: Iowa’s Chris Doyle Responds to Football Thread
 Chris Doyle was nice enough to give us a direct answer to a forum question about in-season training for football. I coached Chris in college at BU and am really proud of what a great coach he has become. Thanks to him for taking the time.

As always, lots of great stuff. Make sure you log on and read. You can’t be too busy to get better.



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