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Hope everyone is having a great week! Boston University Hockey is off to a pretty good start, so things are in full swing. As we do pretty much every week,  we’ve posted three articles and one video. If you aren’t a member, the trial is only $1. Almost nothing to lose.

First up last week was D is for Defense . This is a great piece from Max Prokopy on the values of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is rapidly being recognized as an essential supplement. Max helps us to learn a little bit more about it.

Next up was: : Response to Forum Question from Tom Sullivan. Sully talked very candidly about the process of building a year round strength and conditioning business in response to a question on the forum. I’m proud that Tom was able to share some real world insight in this one.

Last Up Was: Need to Have Vs. Nice to Have . This is one I wrote that looks at what I see as essentials in the facility design process. We got a nice forum thread out of this as readers added their thoughts.

Video of the week:  Video of the Week: Anti-Rotation/Anti-Extension Core Exercise This was another TRX video. I’m not sure I love this exercise but, give it a try.

Anthony also posted Episode 66- Dr. Mark Cheng on Movement, Martial Arts, the FMS and the RKC  . As I think I say every week, if you are not downloading and listening to these you are missing out on what might be the best free resource in our field.

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