Do You Have Old VHS Tapes?

I have some great training stuff on VHS. Problem is it’s tough to find a VCR these days to watch them. My other problem is that I know these VHS tapes are eventually going to dry up and break. Some of my VHS tapes are over 20 years old.  I took a bunch of tapes to a service that advertises that they will convert them for a fee and was told that because the tapes were copywrited they could not copy them onto CD’s for me. Next I looked into buying a converter, basically a very expensive combination VHS-DVD that copied the tape on a DVD. This unit was about $350 dollars. However, an internet search led me to an invention that in my mind rivals the IPOD and the FlipCam, the Elgato Video Capture Cable. For seventy five dollars I received the cable and the software to hook up a a TV-VCR to my computer. The software then converts all these old VHS tapes to Quicktime movies on my computer. Last week I began converting training classics like Al Vermeil’s Success Through Training and Angel Spassov’s Bulgarian Methods of Explosive Power Development into Quicktime movies. If you have old training footage, training tapes, interviews or game films on VHS, buy one of these units and get to work.

Just a quick note, the Elgato unit is the one recommended for a MAC. The Roxio Easy VHS to DVD gets a better rating for PC although I didn’t use it.

PS- You can also convert your kids Disney stuff to computer files which might be my next project. Lion King forever on my computer?


7 Responses to “Do You Have Old VHS Tapes?”

  1. […] 118. Great Tip from Mike Boyle on Converting VHS Tapes […]

  2. […] 118. Great Tip from Mike Boyle on Converting VHS Tapes […]

  3. Brian Mong Says:

    Coach, any idea on the same product base but for someone who does not have a mac?

  4. mboyle1959 Says:

    This is so worth the money. I have converted about 15 tapes so far.

  5. Patrick McNally Says:

    That’s very cool. Most CostCo do this too, converts any old tape to DVD.

  6. mboyle1959 Says:

    Nelson- this thing is great. However, I do like the Amazon gift certificates I get for using the Amazon affiliate program. I get lots of free books and audio books.

    PS- You will never see an affiliate link in anything I write that I would not buy for myself.

  7. Mike, I really love the affiliate link. next thing we know you’re gonna be selling George Foreman grills…

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