Great Article on Sprinting

This piece was a real eye opener for me. When someone on my site asked about an article that looked at the functional anatomy of sprinting I remember this one Relative Activity of Hip and Knee Extensors in Sprinting- Implications for Training . Take a few minutes and read this. Make sure you have a notebook!

Click to access wiemann.pdf


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  1. Well said, Rich. I agree that sprinting is a skill that needs to be rehearsed over and over. It’s the same approach to become proficient at any skill, for that matter. Mike, thanks for the link.

    Rick Kaselj

  2. Thanks Rich!

  3. One of my favorites for looking at muscle activity during sprinting. Much like a symphony playing a piece of music, sprinting is skill that needs to be rehearsed over and over.

    I thought that as velocity increases VMO activity increases due to need for increased stiffness at ground contact.

  4. Brendon Ziegler Says:

    In the study why did they measure EMG of VM? Why not use rectus femoris, seems to be a better muscle for acceleration work?

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