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Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! As usual I’m still catching up on the site and also as usual this week we’ve posted lots of great stuff.

First up last week was the announcement for our Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning 5th Annual Winter Seminar . I hope that many of you will be able to attend and hear Dan John live. I know I’m looking forward to this one. Just remember, the first 100 sign-ups are only $99. Also, don’t forget that this weekend is the 1st Perform Better One day Seminar at the Parisi Speed School in Fairlawn, NJ. This may already but be sold out so make sure you check.

Next up was Regression and Simplicity: The Keys to Progress in Strength and Conditioning Anthony Donskov has been on a writing tear the past year and this is another good one. Anthony takes some Dan John info and adds a bit of his own to this one. It was great timing with Dan being our seminar headliner.
Also up was: Defining Athleticism from NY Yankees Strength and Conditioning Coach Dana Cavalea. With baseball over for a few months Dana has found some time o get some articles done which is great for us.
Last Up Was: In Season Training-Something is Better Than Nothing. This was the first of our Strength Coach Classics. Strength Coach Classics are old articles that are in the archives but that many new members may have missed. This one looks at the old “I don’t have a weightroom or equipment” excuse and pokes a few holes in it.
Video of the Week – Wall Slides . This is the first of a bunch of videos from that we are going to post.

If you haven’t been on the site this week, make sure you log on and check out another excellent week of articles.

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