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Training Infants

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Little Kickers? Baby Goes Pro? I’m watching the Today Show right now and seeing these nuts. Activity for kids is good, no questions. I’m all for kiddie gymnastics etc. However, I watched a woman on the Today Show showing a baby how to roll over. Attempting to advance neuro-development for infants is potentially an athletically-fatal mistake. If you look at Kolar’s work, things happen when they should happen. Encouraging you child to roll or walk may actually cause more problems than it solves.  By all means, get your kid active. Gymnastics is great for little kids to develop skills.  I hate is a sport but, love it as preparation value for young children . The “sports themed” stuff with uniforms etc is perverse at best and just a little on the insane side. Look for TPI, Cyclone Circuit, type program that encourages a broad range of skills. Run away from the sports specific themed stuff as fast as possible. It’s PT Barnum at it’s best.

New Rules of Lifting for Abs

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Just a quick reminder that Alwyn Cosgrove and Lou Schuler have a new book coming out tomorrow. New Rules of Lifting for Abs is the latest installment in the New Rules of Lifting series.  New Rules of Lifting for Abs is sure to be both entertaining and informative and will be great for you as a trainer or as a gift for clients. Make sure you check it out.