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Dining Out or Assisted Suicide?

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I love to go out to eat. I probably should stop talking about nutrition. I love beer. However I am beginning to think that the restaurant industry is like Dr. Kevorkian. The stuff they try to get you to eat is crazy. I know I blogged about the book  The End of Overeating-Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite  here. Take a minute to go back and view the post if you have a chance but, make no mistake about it. A lot of restaurants are trying to slowly kill you.

I think one of the major problems we face is the profit motive of the big food and restaurant companies. Eating well is not good for the economy. It’s too bad someone can’t make the connection between the purchasing side of the economy ( food and alcohol) and the healthcare costs in terms of diseases related to diet and lack of exercise. We have developed a perfect system for big businesses like food sales, health care and drug companies. The food companies spend millions to get us to eat poorly and make millions as a result. Healthcare costs are staggering because our diet stinks. Drug companies make billions developing pills that primarily make symptoms disappear. It’s the perfect financial storm. Everybody is unhealthy and the big businesses are making billions.

Sad but true, there is too little money in health and lots of money in destroying it.


The Best Exercise for Weight Loss

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The following was actually written in 2006 for . It is reprinted with the author’s ( my ) permission

The Best Exercise for Weight Loss

I tried to make a little joke on an internet forum the other day. A question was posed as follows. “What is the best exercise for weight loss?”. I posted what I thought was a humorous answer. I answered that the best exercise for weight loss in my mind is called a table pushaway. Surprisingly enough, the next post on the forum was “Does anyone know how to do a table pushaway?”. I guess most people don’t get my sense of humor. What I was trying to get people to understand was that the simplest way to lose weight was to simply push away from the table. This act alone will do more for weight loss than both running and weight training put together. Bottom line. Most people eat too much. On top of that they eat at the wrong times and they eat the wrong foods. It is really simple. Change your behavior. Eat less food and eat more often. Sounds contradictory but, it’s not. We need to eat less and spread less out across more meals. Now I’m not a nutritionist but, I know a lot about human nature.

I can tell you a few things about weight loss or more accurately how people fail at losing weight

#1- No breakfast. Mom was right. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Here’s my favorite cop out. “I don’t have time to eat breakfast”. Translation. I’m lazy and can’t get out of bed the fifteen minutes earlier that it would take to throw together some kind of breakfast. The second cop out is “I don’t really like breakfast food”. Fine get up and eat lunch. I could care less. Just have a meal with protein within fifteen minutes after waking. I could care less if you want a ham sandwich or a salad with tuna fish. Eat something.

#2 – Coffee is not food. Coffee with some type of carbohydrate is not breakfast. Coffee and a bagel is zero for two. The bright side as my friend Mark Verstegen says is something is better than nothing.

3#- No protein. Everyone yaps about how bad high protein diets are for you. First off this is a fallacy. Second, most peoples’ protein intake is so low it doesn’t matter. Try to eat more lean protein. Have ham and eggs for breakfast. It’s good for you. No kidding. Canadian bacon and eggs might be better. On a 2000 calories diet following a 40-30-30 plan you would need 600 calories from protein. That’s 125 gms per day. By most peoples estimate that’s a lot of protein. Very few who don’t take supplements can get 125 gms. Of protein a day.

The bottom line ( there’s a joke in there somewhere). Table pushaways. Eat less. Eat more protein. Eat less carbs. One thing I have realized is that for years we ate high carb-low fat and got fatter. That’s because as usual we didn’t listen. Anyway, high carb really meant more fruits and vegetables, not more bread, cereal and pasta. The proper diet is one that avoids breads, cereals and pasta like the plague. Skip the sandwich and just stuff a handful of turkey in your mouth.

A Long Slow Walk to Nowhere or Watching Hamsters

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This was the second of a series I wrote a few years ago based on my visit to a commercial fitness facility. I was moved to repost/ revise it after I walked by a commercial fitness center in a mall. All I could think of was watching hamsters on the wheel in the HabiTrail.

In part 1 I covered weight training. To review, look at what everyone else is doing and, don’t do it. Pretty simple. The Charles Staley 180 Principle. Everyone benching, think more rows. Just keep telling yourself, do the opposite. Guy does arms for an hour. You should do legs. Just a thought. How many people walked by you on their hands today? My guess unless you went to the circus was zero.

In regards to “cardio”, the same is true. I hate the term cardio. Most of the people I saw in the gym the day I was there were on what I like to call “the long slow walk to nowhere”. Even if I liked the term cardio, what these people were doing would best be qualified as Ultra Low Intensity Calorie Burning (ULICB) or Ultra Low Intensity Cardio Training (ULICT). Just figured I’d make up my own acronyms. Everyone else does. I have trouble believing that anyone walking on a treadmill, while holding on no less, is getting much of a cardiovascular workout.

I know, I know. It is better than watching TV. But, guess what, at most of these places you can walk slowly and watch TV. If only they had waitress service, you could eat while you walked also. Here is my analogy. Walking is to exercise as eating sugar packets at Dunkin Donuts is to nutrition. Yes, if you were starving you could get calories from sugar packets and fend off malnutrition. That doesn’t mean it is good nutrition.

What I witnessed was the cardiovascular lowest common denominator. Lets get one thing straight. If you want to improve your fitness you need to challenge yourself. Walking is a great place to start. However, if you continue to walk at the same pace for the same time the benefits, beyond calories expended, decrease and potentially disappear.

Back to Charles Staley’s 180 principle. Everyone is holding on. Let go. Everyone is walking flat. Raise the incline. Everyone is walking for a long time. Walk up a hill and then rest. That’s it. Start a simple interval training program if you have been walking for a while. First step, buy a heartrate monitor. You can get them at Buy a cheap one. All you need to do is know your heartrate. Next time you walk use your monitor and see what your heartrate is during your walk. This is what we will call your Comfortable Working Heartrate. Most middle aged people would need to break 110 beats per minute to get a cardiovascular effect. Either way, don’t worry about it. Just figure out what heartrate you normally walk at.

Next time you walk warmup for 5 minutes at your normal pace and then raise the incline to 5%. Walk for one minute. This should move you about 10%-20% ( this will be 10-20 beats in most cases) out of that steady state comfort zone. If it’s more than 20% higher, reduce the incline to 3%. If it’s less, raise it to 7%. Step off the belt and wait for your heartrate to return to 100 beats per minute.

The bottom line. Do a 180. Do the opposite of everyone else. Don’t be a hamster.

PS- If you only have an hour to exercise weight training will burn more calories and make more positive changes than an hour of cardio. The research is very clear on that. Pressed for time, do a total body lift.

Changing the Game

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Our article from Vince Gabrielle about his client Charles Pazdera was the second most views ever on this blog. This article by MBSC coach Anthony Morando about working with a special client is another must read. Trust me, read it.

Learning from Legends

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I am going to do something I rarely do. I’m going to tell you to buy a product. Even worse, I’m going to tell you to buy a product I haven’t seen yet.  Learning from the Legends Track and Field . You might have seen a similar email from someone else this week. Maybe you already bought it, maybe you said “it’s just another come-on”.

All I know is that at least half of this seminar features Dan Pfaff and Dan is one of the best kept secrets in our field. He is a true training genius. Just ask anyone who knows him, or has had the pleasure to work with him. The other half is Tom Tellez, another legendary track coach.

These two have coached superstars like Carl Lewis, Leroy Burrell, Mike Marsh,and Donovan Bailey. Basically, the worlds best sprinters.

The seven and a half hours seminar is really geared to track coaches but I’m sure any strength and conditioning coach will get his moneys worth.

The program is digital (no DVDs to be sent), you can start watching the program almost immediately.

And when you order by midnight on January 21, 2011, you can get all 7.5 hours of video, *plus* all the lecture notes, PowerPoints and handouts, for only $77!

I know you might be saying “but I’m a strength coach”. I know but speed is such a big part of what we do that this will be $77 well spent.

Check it out:



Charles Pazdera- Real Strength

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This is the link to one of the articles I spoke about in yesterdays blog. I don’t normally provide free access to articles but I’d like everyone to read this. Do yourself a favor and click this link. It will change your outlook on today and the future.  The link will bring you to the home page. Look for Charles Padera-Real Strength about 1/2 way .

This Week On

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I haven’t put up a “this week” in a few weeks. Actually it is usually a “last week”.  I’ve been busy with the site, the forum , the Podcast, PBLA, BU, football, the Women’s Olympic programs. Would you like me to go on? I’m sure not. However this week we are going to publish two exceptional articles ( they are not up yet so please don’t post comments asking where they are). I’ll post the links when they go up. Just a heads up. Read Vince Gabrielle’s article on his friend Charles and Anthony Morando’s on his friend and client Mark Melkonian. These are the ones that will make you realize why we do the things we do. Don’t miss them.

PS- The Winter Seminar is officially a sell out, sorry. PBLA was a blast as usual.

More Scary Stuff From Dr. Mercola

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I know many of the more serious nutritionists who read these posts think of Dr. Mercola as a salesman and a sensationalist but I think he is also one of the few guys really willing to speak and publish the truth. This expose on the criminal behavior of drug companies is just plain scary. Take a second and read it. You will be shocked.

Assessing Credibility in the Internet Age

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I wrote this over a year ago and have been a little hesitant to post it. A recent post got me to sit down and finish this article. Tim Edgerton, a UK strength and conditioning coach, named me the most influential man is strength and conditioning the other day which was cool. However the rest of the list was at least half non-coaches. There were a bunch of academic NSCA types, a few internet marketers and a few coaches. As I said in my previous post, this made me think.

The “how to get rich on the internet” business is thriving in fitness and strength and conditioning. New products are launched every month. I’m sure many of you reading this are saying “ you have a paid website, you just did FSC 3.0, who are you to talk”? Legitimate questions. However, the fact is my website sells content. Good content, updated every week. I’m not simply picking up affiliate commissions for using my list to sell another program.

I’m actually a bit tired of internet marketing. It always seems to be similar guys selling similar products. The same resumes.

“__________ is one of the worlds most sought after experts in the field of strength and conditioning and ….”.

Next time you consider buying a product, ask yourself a few simple questions.

1-    Is the seller actually one of the world’s most sought after experts in any area?

2-    Does the seller make his or her living in the area in which they are selling a product or do they make their living selling the product? In Alwyn Cosgrove’s words “have they been there, done that and, are they still doing it?”

3-    Has the seller ever made a consistent living actually coaching, training or helping people lose weight?

4-    What does the seller do every day? Do they sit at a computer and write effective sales copy or do they work in the field?

5-    Are they making money by telling you how to make money?

6-    Did they ever make a substantial amount of money doing what they are selling?

7-    Is their resume legitimate or have they inflated their qualifications and client list?


If you don’t know the answer, do a little searching and find out. You might be surprised at what you learn. I think there are a lot of Bernie Madoff’s in fitness. Look at the last name, Madoff. Like “made off” with your money?  I may sound cynical but, I don’t want to bankroll some twenty five year old who just read Four Hour Workweek. Buying products is great. I have bought many and sold many. Just be sure when you buy that you are buying a product from a person who has done the work and succeeded.


Genetically Modified Food

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I’d love to hear some opinions from readers who have strong nutrition backgrounds. As many of our readers know I am a big fan of Dr. Mercola. He seems to be a lone sane voice in the insane world of food. Is he right about genetically modified foods or is he slanting the research? Read this and let me know what you think. It scares the heck out of me.