Happy New Year

I’m sitting here on 1/1/11 trying to think of something insightful or amusing to write but, having little success. Maybe I’ll try sincere? I hope that all of you who take the time to read this sit down and write down your goals for 2011. I learned this year that nothing is more powerful than written goals. I know we have all read about how important it is to write out our goals many times but, last year I actually did it for the first time. The results amazed even me. Not only did I achieve almost all of them, I had one of the most successful years of my life in numerous areas. Do me a favor. Stop reading and start writing. What do you want in 2011? Put it in writing and get to work on making it happen. It would be great if you post your goals here or someplace else. That social pressure helps.

PS- Don’t forget our Winter Seminar with me and Dan John. February 5th.

Also, if you are in CA make sure you sign up for Perform Better LA in two weeks.


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