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Am I the Most Influential Person In Strength and Conditioning?

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Tim Egerton, a UK based strength and conditioning coach just complied a list of the 20 most influential people in strength and conditioning. Although I think the list shows an NSCA bias ( obviously not my favorite group) and a taste for internet experts, it makes for interesting reading. The funny thing is that the list shows how powerful the internet is, particularly in reaching non-US markets. Some of the guys on the list are young. Some are simply writers. The lesson for the young coaches and old coaches alike is that the internet is here to stay and we need to embrace it. On of the big keys to success is not innovation but to be an early adopter. Those who embrace new concepts flourish. I can still hear Ryan Lee saying “you don’t have a website yet?”. The lesson is embrace the net. To gain recognition in the strength and conditioning industry you need to write, YouTube, Tweet and Facebook. It’s not enough to just coach anymore. Post a comment and let me know what you think.