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Am I the Most Influential Person In Strength and Conditioning?

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Tim Egerton, a UK based strength and conditioning coach just complied a list of the 20 most influential people in strength and conditioning. Although I think the list shows an NSCA bias ( obviously not my favorite group) and a taste for internet experts, it makes for interesting reading. The funny thing is that the list shows how powerful the internet is, particularly in reaching non-US markets. Some of the guys on the list are young. Some are simply writers. The lesson for the young coaches and old coaches alike is that the internet is here to stay and we need to embrace it. On of the big keys to success is not innovation but to be an early adopter. Those who embrace new concepts flourish. I can still hear Ryan Lee saying “you don’t have a website yet?”. The lesson is embrace the net. To gain recognition in the strength and conditioning industry you need to write, YouTube, Tweet and Facebook. It’s not enough to just coach anymore. Post a comment and let me know what you think.


Children of the Corn

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Children of the Corn was a 1984 horror movie based on a Stephen King short story originally published in Penthouse Magazine, of all places. However, the real horror story is in the American Diet and how it is creating a new generation of Children of the Corn. Instead of children killing adults as in the King story the roles are reversed.

The truth is we are slowly killing our own children. Fast food, soda, chips and a distinct lack of activity has produced the most obese, least fit generation in history. I know the corn people say it is not their fault and that high fructose corn syrup is just sugar but, something remains drastically wrong. And don’t blame inactivity. Every fitness expert in the world will tell you you can’t out work a bad diet. Whether corn is the culprit or not, high fructose corn syrup and corn are the number one calorie providers in the American diet. If you want to keep your kids healthy a simple thing to do is avoid any item that has high fructose corn syrup in it. Whether high fructose corn syrup is inherently more dangerous than sugar is not the point. The point is that it is a cheap source of calories used in the food industry to save money. Remember a few things. Corn is a grain, not a vegetable and, it can now also run your car? Do you really want most of your calories coming from something that can also be a substitute for gasoline?

Mike Boyle Interview

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Canadian Strength and Conditioning Coach Dean Somerset just posted an interview he did with me on his site. I’ve actually done a bunch of these but Dean did an excellent job. He is a great writer and synthesized the info really well. Take a second and read it if you have a chance
Mike Boyle Interview

Is Yoga Bad for the Knees?

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Ok, I admit it. I’m not a yoga fan. Even if you are it might be worth taking a look at this article. The comments are from a medical doctor who has had to attempt to fix the knees of yoga instructors. Many of our stretches are yoga inspired but I think the whole yoga phenomenon is a bit overblown. One real interesting point is obvious. Larger classes seem to lead to more problems. This is because large class yoga is what I call fake stretching. Kind of a follow the leader, “try to get in this position” sort of thing. This leads to a lot of relative motion in attempts to look like the people in front. I think the development of relative flexibility is one of the real big problems in yoga.

2010 Blog Year in Review

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The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a summary of  my blog’s overall health:

Crunching Numbers


In 2010, I put up 172 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 411 posts. My goal was three posts per week so I beat that goal by about 16 posts. Not bad. I only uploaded 13 pictures. That’s about a picture per month.

The busiest day of the year was April 5th with over 2000 views. The most popular post that day was Michael Boyle- Banned by the NSCA.

The top referring sites in 2010 were,,, Google Reader, and Its good to know that my work on Facebook and Twitter are in fact driving readers to my blog.

Some visitors found StrengthCoach Blog by searching, mostly for mike boyle blog, mike boyle, michael boyle, michael boyle blog, and strength coach blog.

Top Posts and Pages

These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010. If you missed them, go back and read them.


Michael Boyle- Banned by the NSCA April 2010


You Can’t Run to Get Fit, You Need to Be Fit to Run. January 2010


Summer Training for Nine Year Olds? March 2010


Vern Gambetta on Finding Your Compass June 2010


Only One Body December 2009

Kind of an interesting mix. Big surprise that the NSCA got the most views and the most comments. Looking forward to more frequent posts in 2011. Thanks for reading.

Happy New Year

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I’m sitting here on 1/1/11 trying to think of something insightful or amusing to write but, having little success. Maybe I’ll try sincere? I hope that all of you who take the time to read this sit down and write down your goals for 2011. I learned this year that nothing is more powerful than written goals. I know we have all read about how important it is to write out our goals many times but, last year I actually did it for the first time. The results amazed even me. Not only did I achieve almost all of them, I had one of the most successful years of my life in numerous areas. Do me a favor. Stop reading and start writing. What do you want in 2011? Put it in writing and get to work on making it happen. It would be great if you post your goals here or someplace else. That social pressure helps.

PS- Don’t forget our Winter Seminar with me and Dan John. February 5th.

Also, if you are in CA make sure you sign up for Perform Better LA in two weeks.