ImPersonal Training?

Take a moment and check out this blog from Anthony Carey of Function First. You really need to see the pictures.

Let me know what you think.

3 Responses to “ImPersonal Training?”

  1. Craig Burns Says:

    If you do not have a passion for your work it will inevitably be exposed . Many have a passion for the money and not the work. This is true in all professions.

  2. Having just left the commercial gym environment to start up my own business, I saw this type of behavior everyday from fellow “trainers”. There is no love or passion for the profession, it’s just a job to most, which is sad.

  3. Well, I teach martial arts, but use some upper belts and black belt for assistant instructing, whom I lead and mentor. I find it absolutely necesary for me to stay engaged, both with those assistants, and with students in classes, on a regular basis. The more I say engaged, the higher is student’s performance, motivation and satisfaction (and retention), as I see it. Particularly in a one to one setting, that trainer’s job is to TRAIN, coach, give feedback, motivate, encourage, inspire. If one is getting paid $60, $120 or whatever an hour, that should be a working hour, IMO.

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