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If you are not watching StrengthCoach TV and listening to the StrengthCoach Podcast, you should be. Check out both below.

Episode 72 is Up

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Episode 72 Highlights

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  • Interview with Jim Kielbaso on Speed training, using the incline treadmill and “How Strong do We Need to Be?”
  • Interview with me about my article Assessing Credibility in the Internet Age, Poliquin’s “Variety in Strength Training” article and Bilateral Deadlift injuries.
  • Alwyn Cosgrove on “Buying the Sale”
  • Perform Better Sale and a preview of the Providence Summit lineup

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SCTV Header

Anthony just launched his new video podcast, Strength Coach TV.

Each episode takes you inside different facilities from some of America’s top trainers and coaches.  Learn how they designed their facility to incorporate their philosophies, program design, priorities and budget.

We will be visiting facilities big and small, from personal training studios to large sports performance centers.  The goal of the show is to help fitness professionals who are interested in opening their own facility to get a look into the challenges that current owners face, while getting a peak into now they designed it based on their philosophies.

In Episode 1,  visit Tim Yuhas at Yuhas Performance in Old Lyme, CT.

In Episode 2, I visit Eric Cressey at Cressey Performance in Hudson, MA.

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