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It’s been a while since I posted updates. Truth is the site is so busy with forum questions etc. that the updates get lost in the shuffle. However, I’m going to commit to doing this every week.

One item I posted was a link to  Learning from Track Legends . This is a great chance for both track coaches and non-track coaches to get some great info inexpensively. Take a peak at the link if you get a chance. I don’t do much marketing on the site but, I really think this is a great deal for the money.

I also posted an article called CHANGING THE GAME . This a great story about how a coach can benefit from working with a unique client. This is in the must read category.

I also re-posted an old blog I wrote called Should Most Women Run Long Distances? This one generated a lot of hate mail and controversy when it first came out. Take a few minutes and let me know what you think.

Last but not least Anthony posted:  Episode 3- Strength Coach TV with Gray Cook. If you missed the first two, you’ll have to go back and catch up. Great stuff if you are ever thinking about opening your own facility.

Lots of great articles and videos on the site. Make sure you log on if you have been busy to read and watch.


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