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Hope everyone is having a great week! As usual we posted three articles and a video.

First up last week was: Will the FMS Cure Most Communicable Diseases? This was my response to what I see as an over-reaction to the FMS. As the article states,, I’m a huge FMS fan but it seems now that we have many coaches and trainers training for the FMS. Remember, Gray says that if you have symmetrical twos you are good to go.

Next up was Michigan State Strength and Conditioning Clinic Review This was a good review by Adam Feit. I think you need to take it with a grain of salt as most of the presenters are HIT coaches. Either way, some great stuff.

Also Up was:The FMS Advanced Workshop: Pearls from Brett Jones-Part 1
 Brett is a great presenter, make sure you also check out his recent StrengthCoach Podcast. Brett does a great job of explaining the intricacies of the FMS in simple, easy to understand , terms.

Video of the Week – Band Hip Flexion 
 This is a great idea that feeds into the idea that hip flexors need to be stronger at the top. I saw this on a Youtube clip of a training session and the idea jumped out at me. Absolutely a case where the band takes advantage of the strength curve.

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