The Justin Bieber Movie

Yes, you are reading correctly and no, the title is not an attempt to get more teen readers to this blog. I went to see the Justin Bieber movie with my family the other day and came away pleasantly surprised. The movie succeeds on a bunch of levels. It’s a good, clean success story with no sex or violence. That in and of itself makes it a great film.

On another level it is a great story about following your dreams and “never saying never”. The movies glorifies all the right stuff ( with the exception of a young guy leaving home to follow his dreams). The movie also shows the tough side and the commitment necessary to truly accomplish something great.

The last piece which was of great interest to me was the use of social media and grassroots marketing to launch a career. The movie is very much about the change in the world that we live in. We’ve talked at great length about how important social media is and the rapid rise of a singer like Justin Bieber is a great social media story.

Whether you have kids or not, make sure you see this movie.


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  1. MellyD Says:

    I think I might just watch this now. Good to know. (This is also coming from a 31 year old who watches Hannah Montana and thinks it’s the funniest show on television.) Thanks for the recommendation.

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