16 Hours with Mike Boyle?

How would you like to spend a weekend at one of the nicest, most family friendly, hotels in Arizona and, get about 16 hours worth of time with me?

Well now you can. Charles Staley has opened the Staley Performance Institute at the Arizona Grand Hotel in Phoenix and we are having a weekend seminar May 12-15. The schedule is as follows:

Thursday 6:30-8:30– Meet and Greet with Coach Charles Staley and I in the evening. This is a great chance to just make friends in a casual environment and, get ready for our seminar


9:00am-12:00pm  Lecture- So You Want to Own Your Own Facility? Take a look at how one of the world’s most successful strength and conditioning facilities was conceptualized and developed.

2:00pm-5:00 p.m. Practical- Functional Strength Coach 4.0 Exercise Teaching, Progression and Regression. See and hear my latest thoughts on everything from mobility to warm-up. Participants will go through a full Mike Boyle 1 hour and 45 minute training session. Have you watched FSC 3? Did you wish you were in the room?


9:00am-12:00 Lecture-  Training Clients or Athletes? What’s the Difference. Based on my Apology to Personal Trainers article, see the similarities and the differences between our athletic clients and our personal training clients.

2:00pm-4:00 p.m. Practical- Functional Strength Coach 4.0 Continued. In our last we’ll continue with exercise progressions and regressions.

4:00-5:00 Q+A- Your time to get those last minute answers before we have a final dinner and a few more beers.

Saturday Evening– 6:30-8:30 Closing dinner. Some time to socialize and process info

In addition you can fill in the other times with resort activities or customize any activities you may want to have.  Staley Institute and the Arizona Grand has Morning Desert Hikes, Sunrise Sunset Yoga as well as Olympic Lifting Training Sessions. They will have the TRX Zone set up so you can take classes in there also. This is a once in a lifetime working vacation that I am anxious to share with a select few of you. Space is limited so make plans and book now.






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