Alwyn Cosgrove Disagrees with Me and MBSC on StrengthCoachTV

Anthony posted a new webinar with Alwyn Cosgrove at Alwyn’s webinar is a response to my “3 Pendulums That Have Swung Too Far” webinar.  Alwyn is really excited about this one so make sure you check the webinar.
On  Mar. 23rd Darcy Norman also did Is the Lat the 5th Abdominal?”This talk discusses the implications of the latissimus dorsi, the good and bad, in human movement, treatment and injury prevention.  The latissimus is not all we think it is and is much more than we appreciate. 

Tim Yuhas will be coming on later in the month to do his webinar“Optimal Training for Today’s High School Football Athlete.

Anthony also posted a new episode of Strength Coach TV , a visit toCoach Boyle and Michael Boyle Strength & Conditioning in Woburn, MA.

You can checkit out at


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  1. […] Alwyn Cosgrove Disagrees with Me and MBSC on StrengthCoachTV … […]

  2. I guess I’ll be getting my wallet out – again and again and again.

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