Handicapping the Perform Better Summit in Providence

Here we go again. On June 3-5 the best in education for strength and conditioning, rehab and fitness professionals resumes. As I say every year, if you don’t get to one of these seminars every year you are making a huge mistake. The biggest complaint from attendees at a Perform Better Summit is that with four sessions going on at one time it is tough to decide who to see.  It’s so tough that some people are buying the Perform Better Seminar Pass and attending two Summits. It’s always tough for me too but, just like you I have to choose. You can download the schedule first so you can follow along. Here are my recommendations on a session by session basis:

Note- Just like last year I will almost always choose lectures over hands-on. Just my opinion. I’m here to learn, not to get exercise. I may go to a hands on but, not to get a workout. Save your workout for another day and get some knowledge to help your clients and athletes

Friday June 3rd

9:15- Mark Verstegen on Barefoot Training or Lee Burton? I’ve already heard Lee so I’m going to Mark. If you want to learn more about the FMS, go to Lee’s. You also have two great hands-on sessions with Martin Rooney and Jason Brown but, my guess is SRO for Mark.

10:45- This might be my toughest draw ever. I am opposite the great Stuart McGill. I watched Charles Staley speak a few weeks ago and think he will be a great addition if you train athletes and are interested in Olympic weightlifting. Charles is a very entertaining speaker. Jason Glass is new this year so I don’t know what to expect. If you train golfers, make sure to check out Jason. My hands on will be dealing with updates on all our warm-up progressions ( we’ve developed some great FMS based stuff) as well as our strength progressions. I think it will a great hands-on learning experience. However, I am guessing SRO for Stu.

1:00- After lunch you are simply going to have to pick based on your interest. Mark Verstegen is a personal favorite of mine. I enjoy watching him talk but, it is always tough to skip a Gray Cook talk. I’m thinking Gray gets SRO. If you work with athletes you have to get to Lee Taft’s talk. I’m going o be at Bill Parisi’s. I need the business info.

2:30- I have to admit, I hope I get a big crowd for my lecture but based on the competition I’m not sure. I think My Success Secrets talk might be the most valuable one I’ve ever given. I’m going to be honest. If you haven’t heard it come. It will make you better at your job. Once again I’m opposite Stu. I know he will have a big audience. As I said above Jason Glass is a wild card but as I said earlier, if you train golfers Jason should be your choice.

4:00- This is the first toss up. As I said, I prefer lectures and think both Lee and Martin’s will be good. Gray is always good. As I mentioned, if you want to learn how to Olympic lift or how to teach your clients than go to Charles Staley’s hands-on. He did a very entertaining hour at my Arizona seminar a few weeks ago.

5:30- The great Thomas Plummer runs unopposed as usual. Do not head to the bar early. The beer is free after. Thomas always makes me think. I’ll be there.

Saturday June 4th

8:00- Rachel Cosgrove gets the toughest draw of the day right out of the gate. Thomas Myers is just an interesting speaker. His talk last year was one of the best attended. In addition Chris Poirier has scheduled two hands–on sessions that I know will be popular. John Brookfield doing ropes and Jason Brown doing kettlebells. This might split the crowd up a bit. Rachel’ new book is excellent and if you train females, pass on the other three and hit Rachel’s talk.

9:45- 11- Toughest choice yet. Two great lectures and two great hands-ons.  For the first time ever Alwyn Cosgrove might not be my top choice. I’d probably opt for one of the two lectures, McGill or Sue Falsone. Sue is awesome so if you seen Stuart a few times, see Sue.

11-12:15- Another tough one. I love Dan John, really interesting guy and new to this circuit. Dan will wow the strength crowd with both his info and his amusing anecdotes.

As I mentioned before, Thomas Myers had the highest attendance of any lecture last year that I saw. Stu and Sue follow up their lectures with hands-on.

1:15-2:30- This is a tough choice but, if you have not seen Todd Durkin’s Impact talk go.  He is an outstanding motivator. Todd is a guy who “walks the talk”. Very motivational.  You also can’t lose with any of the other three. If you work with females, see Rachel. If you are a science geek, go see Thomas Myers. Last but not least, Fraser Quelch is a great lecturer.  Saturday might be the best day and the toughest choices in Summit history.

2:45-4 – Alwyn Cosgrove is both smart and funny. You can never lose seeing him. If you want nutrition info, see Chris Mohr. If you want to get a workout, see Todd. Want to see a great coach at work, go to Dan John’s hands-on.

4:35- Q+A. Get your questions answered at the end of the day, great opportunity.

Sunday  June 5th

8- Sunday is a great day. The same six guys fill three time slots. Both Eric Beard and Dave Tiberio are new this year. Robb Rogers and Eric Cressey are back. I might hit Robb’s lecture at 8 as he joins me on the Banned by the NSCA tour.

9:30-10:45- This is without a doubt another difficult time slot. I haven’t heard Vern for a while so I am anxious to see him speak. I also want to see Todd Wright’s talk. Todd is one of the funniest guys on the tour.

11- 12:45- The weekend ends the way it began with tough choices. This might the first time I will recommend a hands-on as my top two choices in this slot  are Vern’s and Todd’s hands –on. Looks like I might not get home until 2.

Truth is, I can see why a few attendees come more than once. By coming three times I will see them all.


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  1. I was looking for someone to write a “Handicapping the PB Summit:” nutrition version. My first step of outlining which presenter to see is always the first thing I do, but I
    always make sure to outline what I’m going to eat since no meals are provided, minus
    the snack bar where sandwiches, water, etc… are available. Bringing your own
    bars, shakes, fresh fruit/veggies, etc… will save you some $ and time.

  2. This is a stunning line-up, some of the best in the business all in the same time blocks. Pretty funny, all your “tough choices,” Michael. :~)

  3. mboyle1959 Says:

    Jason. SRO is standing room only.

  4. Jason Melhado Says:

    Thanks for the heads up, I am greatly looking forward to PB – Chicago.
    What do you mean when you say “SRO”? Thanks

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