The Last Two Weeks on

It’s been two weeks since our last update so I apologize. I’m really going to try to get out one per week but, with me you never know. I went from the Staley Seminar in Arizona to Charles Stephenson’s Basketball Specific Seminar in North Carolina so I’ve neglected the internet side a bit.

As always though we had lots of great stuff on the site.

Robbie Bourke of Dublin, Ireland started us off with some great video of his favorite FMS Corrective Exercises

Justin Levine followed up with 10 Workout Strategies for Fitness Professionals

Bruce Kelly added Training Program for a High School Squash Team

Anthony Renna added Episode 80 of the StrengthCoach Podcast with Josh Henkin

Chris Frankel and Andrew Vontz brought us Heartrate Training for the Strength and Conditioning Coach

Anthony Donskov added to his growing list of articles with 10 Things I lLearned in 2010

and I added my annual Handicapping the Perform Better Summit in Providence.

As I always say, lots of great stuff to read. Make sure to take a few minutes and log on. Remember, if you have questions just  log on to the forums and ask. You never who’ll answer



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