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Anthony has a new episode of The Strength Coach Podcast, a new episode of Strength Coach TV and some great webinars coming up at
Episode 82 of the Strength Coach Podcast is Up
New Episode of Strength Coach TV
New & Upcoming Webinars at
Episode 82 Highlights
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  • Hit The Gym with a Strength Coach– Robb Rogers on training the Tactical Athlete- Assessment, Program Design and Challenges.  Check out Robb’s site-
  • Coaches Corner– Anthony spoke to me about my meeting with Shirley Sarhmann, the MBSC 2 Day Spring Program, Max Shank’s “80% Rule” and much more
  • Results Fitness Business of Fitness- Rachel Cosgrove  on “Marketing Consistently”
  • Ask Functional Movement Systems- Orange County Fire Captain Mike Contreras talks about using the FMS with Firemen
  • The Art of Coaching with Athletes’ Performance– Nick Winkelman talks about “Error Identification and Correction”
  • Ask the Equipment Experts with Perform Better- Chris Poiriertalks about a new summit- The Meeting of the Minds.

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Strength Coach TV- Episode 9- “Costs No One Told Me About”
 In Episode 9 of Strength Coach TV, I show a video that I did for a few years ago when I opened up my studio.  We do a tour and add up lots of incidental costs that no one ever talks about.  You will be surprised by the final total!   Check out Strength Coach TV
Webinars Added and Upcoming Webinars at
At StrengthandConditioningWebinars.comI just posted a webinar from Dr. Craig Duncan (Monitoring Performance) and will be postingSean Skahan’s “In Season Training for Hockey” tomorrow.

Also today, June 22 at 1:30pm ESTFrank Dolan will be doing“The Movement Prep Continuum”.  Sign up at 

Next week, we have the second part of my  “25 Mistakes, 2011- Part 2” and Tony Mikla doing “Developing Rotational Power”

Anthony has over 87 webinars in the archives for you to watch at any time.  Try it for 1 Day for $1!



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