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Real Life Tabata Intervals

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For those who have been under a rock, the Tabata Protocol is an interval training protocal that has been shown to produce unusually high increases in both aerobic and anaerobic capacity. The  actual protocal is 20 seconds all out followed by a 10 sec rest done for 8 work intervals. Unfortunately now any mix of 20/10 work to rest is now referred to as a Tabata. Just FYI, this is not the case. Tabatas were meant to be done on a bike and the sprint is all out. We did two sets of six on the AirDyne today as follows

Warm-up – Incline treadmill 10 min 3.5 mph 2-4-6-8% grade

6×20/10  Big Fan hitting level 10 on each sprint.  HR 166 after 6. Rest 1:10. Distance Covered 1 mi

6×20/10 Level 9 each time. HR 167

Give it a try.


Showing Up is Half the Battle

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I just re-realized something. I know re-realized is not a word but, I can’t think of another word. I was reading Larry Winget’s book  It’s Called Work for a Reason ( by the way, I love Larry Winget books) and it made me realize that showing up is half the battle in strength and conditioning. In our summer program ( and really in any program) the athletes who make progress are the ones who show up every day. This is one reason I really like a four day summer program. Forty workouts will be more productive than thirty workouts for a beginner. If you miss a day in a two day a week program, that is a big problem as you only have twenty workouts for the whole summer. Fifty percent of your work week was eliminated and five percent of the whole program is gone.

Bottom line, if you want to improve, show up. Don’t miss workouts. It goes back to the “training is like farming” analogy. You have to be working if you want things to happen. Don’t miss workouts!

Fall Mentorship October 3rd- 6th

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We have finally set the date for our next mentorship. Start checking flights. The next one is October 3rd through the 6th. If you are interested in being immersed in our world for a few days come and join us in October.

To learn more go to



Real Life Intervals

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I’ve been slacking this summer but my friend Ken has picked me up.

Today 4×1 Big Fan

2:42 HR 157
Rest 1:15
2:41 HR 163
Rest 1:40
2:43 HR 173
Rest 2:20
2:45 HR 174 ( I think, my head was down)

Not bad , not good.

Recently on

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I hope everyone had a great 4th of July, at least those of us in the US. For those overseas I hope summer is going well. I’m enjoying spending time at the lake and write this as I sit in front of the local public library using a free Wi-Fi connection.

The great stuff on just keeps coming. Anthony Renna continues his excellent StrengthCoach TV series with a visit to Joe Dowdell’s Peak Performance facility in New York City. Joe has a really unique business so be sure to watch Episode 10.

In addition, Anthony Donskov has yet another article up called, interestingly enough, Seals and Shoulders- Its a Balancing Act that has some great shoulder info.  We also have another shoulder article simply called Rhythmic Stabilizations from MBSC staff member Dave Rak.

For our soccer ( football) readers we have an interesting original article and a link to another. First is an article from site member Phil Hewitt called Smoke and Mirrors Training that describes the process of getting strength and conditioning done in the soccer world. We also linked to an excellent and maybe slightly disturbing article on the Ajax soccer development system written by Warrior Girls author Michael Sokolove, called How a Soccer Star is Made.

The last thing we have for you is a video of one of my new favorite exercises the 1 Leg Deadlift. After you watch this, make sure to give it a try.

As always, lots of great stuff to read and to watch on Make sure to take a few minutes and log on. Remember, if you have questions just  log on to the forum and ask. Don’t be shy.

Success Secrets

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I have had the pleasure of reading some great books in the past few year, many centered on how people succeed in a wide variety of professions. Books like Outliers, Talent Code and Talent is Overrated inspired me to share my story.

I am a “fitness expert” I guess. I am also a very average looking, balding, fifty five year old with no distinguished athletic resume. If this is the case, how did I end up a fitness expert? Simple, I read more and coached more than most people. As Outliers author Malcolm Gladwell would say, I have put in my ten thousand hours.

The bottom line  is that success is much more about hard work and perseverance than it is about talent. We all know that the best players don’t make the best coaches, we just don’t always know why. My theory is the best athletes never had to learn to work to get what they wanted. They always were at the head of the class. Those of us that struggled to make a team know what it is like to have to work toward a goal. That gives us the potential to be great coaches. The key as a great coach is to figure out how to motivate and develop a great athlete.

The bottom line? Sincerity wins. One of favorite quotes is “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”. In the long run it is more important to be the hardest working, nicest guy in the room than the smartest.

I have another quote I love. It simply says “work hard, be nice”.

The 21 Best Fitness Business Tips

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From my friend Pat Rigsby at

I don’t know if these are actually the 21 best tips of all-time, but they’re pretty darn good.

    1. Break out of the fitness industry norms – the majority is almost always wrong and are always behind.
    2. Recycle what you do. Deliver the same content in different formats. Fitness coaching programs, infoproducts, Bootcamps to Go – they’re all the same stuff packages in different formats.
    3. Small hinges swing big doors. A few small, but strategic changes can make big differences to the bottom line.
    4. A different way to look at your market is to find price gaps instead of pricing the way everyone else does.  If you can get a health club membership for $39, a bootcamp membership for $199 and 1 on 1 personal training for $500 – the gaps are $99 and $299-399.  What can you offer there?
    5. Joining the Chamber of Commerce is like joining a gym.  Most will do nothing with their membership, but if you take advantage of everything they offer it can be a huge difference maker.
    6. If you have no money – knock on doors, hustle, network and make something happen every day. Roll up your sleeves and go to work. You can overcome a lack of money with an abundance of hustle in most areas.
    7. Successful people have a sense of urgency. Procrastination is not acceptable.
    8. If you accept mediocrity you will get more. Mediocrity only exists if you tolerate it.
    9. People mess up JV’s and referrals by not making it easy for others to help us.  Help them help you. Do as much as possible of the work for them and you’ll get 10X the results.
    10. Are you the first person in your market that people think of when it comes to what you do? If not – re-define what you do or tighten down your niche.
    11. The quickest way to make more money is to sell more to your current clients.  Supplements, Workshops, Weight Management, Higher Priced Coaching, etc.
    12. You decide.  You decide how people view you and your fitness business.  What hours you’ll work.  How you live your life. If you don’t decide, they’ll decide for you.
    13. There is hidden opportunity in every business.  Three easy ones are upsells from your basic programs, downsells for people who don’t buy and reactivation of previous clients.  It’s money that’s just sitting there waiting for you to grab it.
    14. Associate with like minded, successful people.  It’s often said that your income is the average of the 5 people’s income you’re around most – so don’t hang out with slackers.
    15. If most people realized that they had all the same skills (often better) as the top earning trainers in the field there would be a LOT more six-figure earners in our industry.
    16. A big obstacle to success is distraction. Turn off the email and TV and work on your business.
    17. Always have a higher priced option. There are a certain amount of people in a market who will pay top price.
    18. You need to be constantly working on you as much as your business.
    19. It’s not what you make – it’s what you keep.  Focus on improving your net profits, not just your gross revenues.
    20. Organize your day the night before and make sure you block time for everything that is important to you.  Working on your business gets time.  Networking gets time.  Family gets time.  Self improvement gets time.  If you don’t schedule it you’ll find yourself putting it off.
    21. A lot of success is born out of a hatred of losing. As a coach I enjoyed winning but I HATED losing.